Electromagnetic Therapy May Treat Many Brain Illnesses

What is electromagnetic therapy and how important is it in treating brain illnesses?Electromagnetic therapy is the use of electromagnetic fields to heal the body. They originally were found in nature and have been recreated in an industrial manner in machines that can help heal the body. Quartz and hematite were used very early in healing to influence the electromagnetic fields of humans.What happens to the body’s electromagnetic field when a person is sick?Electromagnetic fields surround each human and disease may be visible in the electromagnetic field prior to the manifestation of disease in the body.How long has this been used to heal the body?China has used a variation of magnetic healing for almost 2,000 years. China and Russia have been on the forefront of bio-electromagnetic healing and the production of associated medical devices for at least seventy years.Which brain illnesses benefit with electromagnetic healing?It can be used to treat optic nerve atrophy disease, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, stress, depression, Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis, migraine headaches, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It may be contraindicated in several diseases including mania, bipolar, pregnancy, and people with metal plates or joints.How does electromagnetic therapy affect the body overall?It enhances sleep, increases circulation, increases energy, and reduces stress and anxiety. Electromagnetic therapy can reduce edema in the brain, speed chemical reactions in the brain, balance hormones, balance amino acids, enhance learning, reduce cognitive disorders, improve memory, and alter electrolytes. It can improve cellular energy and reduce inflammation.Is there another important use that has not been explored?Electromagnetic therapy will be huge in anti-aging medicine. It is difficult to find the best equipment. Brilliant minds have been thinking about this area of medicine for twelve years. It can help the body recovery from surgery by about fifty percent faster.Is there more than one type of electromagnetic therapy?Pulsed energy is one type of electromagnetic therapy. There are many other types and machines have many ways to modify the level of energy delivery.Can electromagnetic therapy moderate brain illnesses where neurotransmitters are over-firing?Yes, this may be a very effective tool to calm the brain. Very low level medical grade laser therapy can also treat over-firing and under-firing neurotransmitters.

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